Massage Client Testimonials

"I met Jarrod when I was playing for the USA soccer team and competing in the Olympics and World Cup events. As an elite athlete, you try to do whatever it takes to gain every edge to be a success. Having Jarrod as a massage therapist was crucial to my success as well as the team's. I even asked him to incorperate a pre-game ritual before going on the field. His skills and expertise as a therapist helped both my physical and mental game. I will always appreciate the role he played to the success of my career." - Angela Hucles (2 time Olympic Gold medalist-US Women's Soccer)

Jarrod is an incredibly talented massage therapist. He has very intuitive hands, and a very deep knowledge of the human body. I first started to see Jarrod to gain relief from problems associated with chronic fatigue syndrome and irritable bowel syndrome that were complicated by years of built up shoulder/chest injuries from softball pitching. Since seeing him for a year, I am happy to report t...hat my overall energy, pain, and health issues are clearing up! My posture has changed drastically in that I can sit much more upright, and breath much more deeply. I am very grateful for the dedication Jarrod has to his practice, as it has truly helped to shape my new found health. So much, that my husband and I are expecting our first child in February. Continuing to see Jarrod throughout the pregnancy has helped to alleviate all the normal pregnancy issues; lower back pain, hip soreness, and general fatigue. I recommend Jarrod with the utmost sincerity, and hope others will find relief in their lives from seeing Jarrod at DEFINED: Therapeutic Massage. - Jillian Johnson (Marine Biologist & former Softball pitcher)

I am a true believer in Jarrod and DEFINED: Therapeutic Massage. I have been a tri-athlete for alittle over 3 years now and I put my body through a lot. I have had issues with my neck and shoulders from swimming and being hunched over on the aero bars on my bike and I have had issues with my IT band from running and cycling. The IT band tightness has been an issue as it causes problems with my knee, my back and my hamstrings. Jarrod is great because he can get in there and customize the massage to work out the tension/tightness, stress, and knots that are causing the pain or injury. He helps me get back to my training quickly with minimal down time. If you are training for an event, you do not have time to be laid up with an injury and it is hard to get athletes to rest. Jarrod helps cut down the recovery by using massage therapy to work on the problem but he also talks with you and gives you advice on stretches and strengthing to help rehabilitate and work on your flexibility. I highly recommend Jarrod for anyone needing therapeutic massage. If you are not sure what you need, give Jarrod a call he will listen and offer the best recommendation. Thanks for everything Jarrod! - Beth Shaffer (Hospitality Consultant & Tri-athlete)

I highly recommend Jarrod to anyone who is looking for an excellent massage therapist or seeking the relief of ailments that can be treated via theraputic massage. I had severe muscle tension and pain in my neck and back. I am now pain free! - Dr. Geoff Steinkruger (Endodontist)

When I worked at Blackbaud and developed the "computer hunch" in my neck and shoulders, I'd visit Jarrod every week for a chair massage. He convinced me to visit his studio for full-body massage therapy. WOW! Not only did he work to restore my muscles and tissues to proper working order, but he also showed me stretches and exercises to do between sessions. He's great!! - Marilyn Armstrong (Nonprofit Organization Management)

Jarrod is not only a professional, but highly talented. His is the best and most effective massage therapy work I have received. Additionally, he puts his clients at ease with his confidence and pleasant demeanor. I recommend Jarrod to all of my friends. - Robin C. Graham (College Student of Law)

Jarrod is a good therapist that combines deep tissue massage with integrated stretching. He was most helpful during my post shoulder surgery recovery and worked with the PT to enhance range of motion and relieve pain. - Pamela Price (Retiree Education)

Before coming to see Jarrod I was miserable he not only helped me with my immediate problem, he also identified the "real problem" and what I could do to if not fix it all together but remedy the problem due to the situation. I suggest to anyone that is in need of physical therapy or massage therapy to come talk to Jarrod! - Shannon Ripley (Data Input Specialist)

Jarrod has marvelous hands! I have left his office feeling either relaxed, even having fallen asleep, or when I came in really bad shape a little pain as he had to straighten out some muscles that basically were literallly in knots. Not many LMTs out there have been contracted to work abroad in the Olympics! He knows his stuff and is open to trying different techniques. Once I found Jarrod after a trying a series of different LMT's, I look no more. - John Zimmerman (Catholic Church Clergy)

Jarrod is very result orientated.He is an expert in his field. I would reccomend his services to anyone. - Bob Townsend (military veteran/Civil Air Patrol)

Jarrod is very knowledgeable and willing to expand his expertise. He was able to help me recover faster between baseball seasons, and gave me exercises to do on a daily basis that helps me recover day in day out during the 142+ game season. - Ryan Basner (former minor league baseball pitcher-Atlanta Braves affiliation/Data Analyst Benefit Focus)

I would highly recommend Jarrod for any position in relation to his profession - Hughie O' Malley (Manager Sports Medicine Administration US Soccer Federation)

Jarrod has put me on the path to enjoying injury free running again by his expertise in active isolated stretching (AIS) and massage. I've learned a lot in a short time about using AIS to prepare myself for life's activities. This type of stretching has helped me immensely! I exercise for fitness and fun, so I'm definitely an example of how Jarrod has helped an "average guy," although he helps top athletes as well! Jarrod is an expert in these matters, and I highly recommend him to any and all who wish to keep active!!! Well worth the time and investment... - Gerald Esch (NOAA Technical Editor)

Jarrod is an excellent massage therapist. His results oriented approach is very effective and an essential tool for those in need of pain reduction, increased flexibility, and improved function. I have found his services extremely beneficial to my clients and myself. - Justin Price, CSCS (fitness and lifestyle coach, owner of ASPIRE fitness and wellness)

I sought out Jarrod as a career coach and therapist while I was training to become a massage therapist myself. Not only is Jarrod a top quality bodyworker, but he works diligently and creatively to share his knowledge of the field, especially in helping new students and practitioners enjoy and embrace this career. He is also a one-of-a-kind person who invests his passion in your care. I would highly recommend Jarrod for treatment and to use as a source for learning more about the field of massage therapy. - Damon DArienzo (Licensed Massage Therapist/Consultant)

"I have suffered with degenerating disks and the accompanying pain for many years now. Periodically I would find a massage therapist to do the deep neuromuscular massage that I need. Other than that my only relief came from spinal block injections from my doctor. Then about two years ago I was diagnosed with frozen should which required two - three months of intense physical therapy to start seeing any progress. During one of my visits I noticed a Center for Therapeutic Massage brochure and asked my PT if he believed they could offer additional help in rehabbing my shoulder. He agreed and I set up an appointment with you. It took about 9 months to fully rehab my shoulder. In addition to my PT, you added active isolated stretching and massage. I have continued weekly visits with you for a combination of this specialized stretching and massage designed to relieve spasms but also to strengthen the muscles that support the areas where I experience problems. When you were in China last year I thought that I would be fine missing treatment for six weeks. I was wrong. That's when my husband and I realized that even though it was an expense we could do without my visits were actually a necessity to keep me functioning and help control my chronic pain. Even though massage therapy is sometimes considered a splurge or luxury, I have found that it is more like physical therapy maintenance for me - not a spa treatment! Thanks for all of your help.- Mary Bawden